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Saturday, March 12, 2011

In Times When My Soul Was Homeless, I Lost Everything But “The Shack” Reminded Me Of The Relationship

Up until recently I have been at a loss, not for words or inspiration for writing, but a reason for being. Sure, I became an article writer because after losing my job I had to find a way to make ends meet. And with my husband being an Internet Marketer and all, he swiftly introduced me to content article writing for web based businesses. But, after doing this for more than six months and not being able to make enough money to live beyond simply making ends meet my sister sent me a book that has made me take a step back and put my life, my objective and my relationships in perspective. “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young, a work of fiction so intricately woven with the love of God, the doubts, the faith, and the endless struggles we as humans have in our relationships. And I mean relationships literally, in plural, because throughout life we live through relationships, with our parents, our siblings, our significant other and eventually our heirs. Now, do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that the love for my husband has not been enough to inspire me to write and do many other things in life, IT HAS. But “The Shack” has arrived perhaps on purpose, perhaps as a sign from God, as an indication that I have to reconnect and reestablish my relationship with the Greater One. My Dios, then one I only know as I know him, and others know as they know him.

Just as recent as two weeks ago, I have been struggling with my purpose in life. Asking myself over and over again just why my husband and I have had so many obstacles to overcome. Just WHY, if we love each other and our families so greatly have we been unable to live life plentifully. Why in our ten years together, have we both lost our jobs almost simultaneously, more than once? Especially knowing that we were both among the best in our respective careers, mine as a TV Journalist, his as a Radio Jock and later an executive; and most importantly being certain that we each reached professional satisfaction and fulfillment without ever hurting anyone. Anyway, to make the long story short, I have a lot to thank my husband for, helping me through hard times; times in which my mom and I lost everything and were homeless, or my car was wrecked by a roommate who refused to acknowledge her guilt and still managed to charge me rent. Most importantly, I have to thank him for allowing me to see the light and become an article writer for hire, when I personally saw no future doing what I love, writing.

But again, the writer in me simply continues to write, without realizing that the main reason I opened up a new document today was to write about this book, “The Shack.” I have to admit, it took me a week or so to read it entirely. Not because it was long, but because I had to fulfill my duties as an article writer and attend to clients, help my Abuela around the house, and attend to the responsibilities of my relationship with my husband. The latter one, I learned through reading this book, I have been dealing with erroneously. “The Shack” reminded me of the relationship I had developed long ago with the Greater One, God to many, but my Dios. A relationship I slowly sent into obscurity over the years. I often wonder why, could it be because my husband simply does not believe in God? I have asked myself that over the years. But my love for my husband seemed to opaque the relationship I had with God. Needless to say, before meeting Jim I had already deviated myself and had falling into the disbelief, but never to great extent. Surprisingly, whenever I wrote in my personal journal he somehow managed to manifest himself, but I never noticed. Not until now.

“The Shack” is funny and sad, interesting and compelling, and ultimately enlightening. The article writer for hire had to take a step back, breath deeply and think of all the wonderful things that inspire my talent to write. When I started article writing, never in my right mind, would I have thought I would be writing this but “The Shack” has given me a new insight on life and what my relationships should be like. This book has helped me realize that all of the hurt, anger and deception that have accumulated in me over the years have kept me from fully experiencing the best relationship with my husband, my family and my Diosito. I have been, for a few weeks now, trying to convince my husband that maybe our situation might change if we reconnect with our faith. But he has been a non-believer for so long that I just could not get through to him. Ever since his father’s passing of cancer when he was a teenager, way back before I even knew him, he stopped believing entirely (although his relationship with God began to dissipate some time before.)

This article writer now has a new challenge, a new goal toward living plentifully, a new determination, to seek the very best way to live each day in anticipation of each moment with my husband, each communication with God, and everyday with life.
Thanks to “The Shack” I have rediscovered that expecting something from every relationship with family and friends leads to monotonous, boring and unrewarding times. I have understood that life is too short to live with regrets, with hate, with what “ifs”, or to be too cautious. The journalist in me was probably not letting me see clearly how to approach my relationship with God. Now I can happily say that the article writer for hire will face her biggest obstacle, one which will change my life for the better. I will walk in God’s company in order to bring my husband back to being a believer. It will be very difficult, especially after three decades in negation, but hey, I did not become a Journalist for nothing, facing challenges is my game… And I will play it with God at my side… Tah, Tah

Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Article Writer Encourages You To Do Article Writing For Quality Content, Improved Rank And Increase Business For The New Year...

It is a new year, which means that everyone is busy trying to comply with everything they put on their resolutions for 2011. Whether your main goal is to lose weight, stop smoking or get a new car, you are probably off to an energetic start. I myself stopped listing down my resolutions because, seriously speaking, I rarely got through the entire list. And often gave up by February. But, as an article writer, I have learned that I should concentrate on one thing at a time. Otherwise nothing will ever get done. And most importantly concentrate on that one thing IF you have the calling to do so. Don’t ever push the boundaries, just like you should never force the muse to come.

As most of you may know, I am a career journalist who started doing article writing to make ends meet after losing my job in a major network. It has not been easy, but it has certainly been enlightening. I have learned quite a bit about different online businesses, varying trades and I have developed the marketer I never knew existed in me. Funny I must say, especially since my grade for the advertising section of my communications education was not the best, in fact probably the worst. But, that’s a different article. As an article writer for hire, I have had the opportunity to write about things I always considered boring, lame, or simply irrelevant to my everyday life. Yet, and American Article writer can not shut the doors to making a dollar or to knowledge.

In a year, I have written and learned about car rentals. Go figure, I never realized there was actually so much to renting a car. By doing the research, I was able to travel through Europe in my imagination. Revisit the big apple and remember all the wonderful little restaurants in the SOHO area my husband and I ate at many times. I drove through the Los Angeles smog once again, just to make people understand the importance of renting a car at the right place. It’s bizarre, right? Well, that is part of the beauty of being an article writer for hire. You get to learn while letting your imagination soar. I can guarantee that, with all that I learned I will never be fooled when renting a car again. LOL!!

Then there was sewing and sewing machines. Wow, had someone told me my home economics class in middle school would come in handy in my adult life I certainly would have aced it, not that I performed badly, but I definitely would have been an expert. Thank you Elliot Howe, for inventing the first patent to the sewing machine we know today. NO people, it was not Singer or Brother, sure they have become the big names in sewing machines, but they weren’t the first. That is information I would have disregarded had I not been an article writer for hire. But now I can certainly appreciate how clothes are sewn together and what Howe went through by patenting the first sewing machine design.

By being an American article writer, I can certify the common saying that everyday is a learning process. I have acquired a lot of free knowledge. Actually, now that I think of it, I am paid to gain knowledge. Sure, some subjects are duller than others but I learn a lot nonetheless. This is a new year, a new beginning, and that can be interpreted literally. Yet, as an article writer I like to let my imagination run free and can conclude that a new beginning can mean lots of different things. A bigger understanding of my passion for writing; a new investigation for a special report; the birth of a book; the birth of a child; renovation of vows; a new way to connect with my readers or even a new look. I do not want to set boundaries. Therefore, you shouldn’t either. This is the year to give yourself a facelift, lose the weight, change your wardrobe, and YES give your business the boost it deserves. Take that pen and paper, going back to the good old days of writing can also be a new beginning. Creating ideas on a clean sheet of paper is always a mind refresher. Makes us feel like kids again, at least it does to me. There is nothing better for a writer than going back to scribbled phrases, mumbled words, and catchy lines and great verbatim than seeing it on paper and ink.

It has taken me a few weeks to get away from the chaos of the season and actually sit and write, even though my computer is on for about 18 hours a day. But I think that is perhaps one of the biggest problems. Ever since word processors paved the way for computers, excellent writers have become rarer. We have lost that intimate relationship with pen and paper, the one masters of literature had. Just look back at history, the best article writers, the best journalists, the eminences of literature existed well before technology was invented, Shakespeare, Fleming, Hemingway, Twain and Voltaire, to name but a few.

Let this be a lesson not to me a lone, but to every American article writer that has ever existed. To everyone who can create art with words and who has the utter most respect for the beauty of writing, we should not forget our humble beginnings. If the computer blinds your thoughts or interferes with your imagination, go back to your childhood days and start to doodle on a pad. As Aldous Huxley once said “The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.” Tah, Tah

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pay An American Article Writer Or Just Write Articles Yourself… But Thrive For Quality Content!

When trying to get back into a writing mentality after a hiatus due to personal reasons, it does take some time to adjust. Believe it or not, even an article writer for hire can have a mental block. Dealing with a number of different issues and trying to come to terms with when I was ready to open my PC and start writing again was not an easy task. It was one of those moments that fall under the “it’s easier said than done” category. Sure, it probably sounds funny to many, especially coming from an American article writer who has given many of you tips on how to break that dry creativity spell, yet my creativity has eluded me for the past few weeks. Perhaps it is related to stress, but the truth is that every time I tried to start something the words did not flow the way they should.

But, I decided maybe I should not think about it too much and just let the article writer in me come out. Tell a story, write and enlighten others but all the while writing something that pleases me and fulfills my expectations and not that of others. Particularly because ever since I became an article writer for hire, I write for others, I rarely get credit for it but I get paid. Yet let us make one thing clear, the reason I became a Journalist was not to get credit or be recognized, I became a Journalist because through my stories not only was I going to inform, but if I could make the difference in someone’s life that in itself, was gratifying. If I could push a politician during an interview until he could come clean with the people that in itself, was gratifying. I was not expecting to be thanked, commended or congratulated, yet seeing others get credit for something you worked so hard to accomplish can be mind boggling. However, I just can’t seem to stop writing, to stop telling stories, to stop creating. It’s in me and will be for the rest of my life. Being an article writer, a story teller, a Journalist, a ghostwriter and all of its derivatives is part of who I am and what I love to do.

Now, I know I have told you many times not to force the words out. Writing should not be an obligation, as I have said before, whether it is informative writing for SEO purposes, or creative writing for entertainment, the truth is you should not obligate the ideas to come. Funny enough I certainly did not apply that on myself the past few months. The American article writer that I am, I should be able to spit out ten or more articles a day. Right? Well, I am afraid to say that is wrong. Most people want rapid results and expect to get amazing quality. Unfortunately, more often than not, one of them needs to be sacrificed. Just as with price, you pay for chicken, that is what you get, but if you want caviar, then you better be ready to dish out the cash. And this is true when it comes to a journalist. A lot of people overlook the fact that we journalists, when working for a newspaper, you rarely get more than 3 stories a day. Because in order for you to provide quality work, you must cover the story, analyze the information you gathered and conclude what is most important in order to write a compelling, informative and excellent story.

When a journalist works at a TV or even Radio Station, the numbers can fluctuate as well. For example, television Reporters rarely get more than two stories a day assigned to them. For Radio Journalists, the number may go up and down depending on how many full stories need to be edited, but it usually remains around three. Why is this? It is very simple, if their News Editors want quality work from their reporters they certainly can not expect them to cover the event, analyze the information and write the piece in a work day. That is taking into account that a regular work day is 8 or 9 hours long. What I am trying to have you understand is that when you decide to write your articles, do not expect to write 15 or 20 in one day. I have seen many petitions like those in the year or so I have been an article writer for hire. And funny enough, not only do these people want this number of articles they also request quality, error free and grammatically correct articles. Last time I checked, I was an American article writer, not a robot or software. The human brain can do wonders but it can not do miracles.

Now, I know most of this post may seem like a rant, and it will be analyzed differently by everyone. Yet, I think it is important that whether you are hiring an American article writer or any article writer for that matter, do not expect the miracles you yourself will not be able to perform. On that same note, if you are writing your own articles do not set your expectations too high or you will get frustrated. It is not important how many articles you write in one day, but rather how good of an article you can write that day. It all comes down to what I always say, quality should always supersede quantity.

To make your writing easier jot down ideas, tips and information as they come to mind. It is ok to start with one idea and finish with another as long as you go back, re-read and EDIT what does not fit in. You’ll be surprised at how many great articles start off totally different than they did. Take this one for example… I had no idea what to write about, and then the words simply emerged!!! Tah Tah!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

An American Article Writer Pays Tribute To September 11 Heroes

It is about that moment when I have to dedicate some time to my blog and away from my long list of article writing clients. Yet, I was torn between two totally different options for my next blog post. One, I could write another informative article where I could share insightful tips and ideas on how to become a better article writer. Or two, let the American in me take over and display my talent as an American article writer paying homage to a day that should be commemorated by each and every American.

Seeing how we are already in September, I could not help but reminisce about one moment in modern day history which marked every single American living today. The day is in which we remember the date when our liberties were tested by unscrupulous evil people; a day in which America became one. September 11, 2001 marked us all. We all remember what we were doing on that fatal Tuesday morning. With such bright skies and balmy morning weather, no one would have even considered what was to befall. A group of  terrorists took it upon themselves to try to destroy a country. But what they did was UNITE a nation.

Never Forget!
I remember being left speechless when I heard the news. Yeah, can you picture a writer not having anything to say? Well, I can guarantee that day, very few people had anything to say. I recall watching news and seeing some broadcasters baffled and dumbfounded at what was unfolding before our eyes. My husband who was a comedic morning show man was left speechless. Everyone, and I mean, every American fell into profound disbelief. Was this really happening to us? It was… the land of the FREE, the home of the BRAVE was indeed vulnerable to such vicious attacks.

Since then, all of our lives were marked forever. My family had to suffer through the uncertainty of my baby brother being part of the War Against Terror, and being among the first marines to take over Baghdad. I remember that strange feeling, deep down in my stomach. I tried to remain strong for the well being of my mother and my sister. After all, I had gone to school to be a Journalist, and as a journalist you have to separate emotions. But believe it or not, when it comes down to your loved ones, or to tragedies like the one that led us to war, we Journalists are humans too.

Now, transporting myself back to that atrocious moment in history; I did not understand then but I can accept now, that all of a sudden I started to value even the smallest things in life. And I realized that there are too many things we often take for granted. I began to tell my mother and my loved ones how much I loved them every chance I got. I tried to implement more family time. Not everything in life should be work. After all, life is too short and we never know when our call will come. Sure, we all hope to see our children grow, our grandchildren born, but so did all the innocent victims of Sept. 11, 2001. Yet, their lives were cut short. Their plans destroyed and their families’ dreams abruptly shattered. Almost 3,000 men, women and children died; 2,977 to be exact, as a result of unmeasured hatred against the United States of America by a group of cruel extremists. And many more passed in the coming years, corollary of the fumes inhaled and injuries suffered on that day.

Tribute to the Heroes including; Rick Rescorla
"The Good American"

Now, even though time often heals wounds, time should not erase the scars. Americans everywhere can appreciate that, had it not been for the work of fellow reporters and article writers everywhere, that day would have faded into obscurity rather fast. And although in the beginning the constant bombardment of crude images confronted us with evil all too often, today we must embrace those images as an example of a suffering that brought a country together. Today, those of us who posses the art of writing and who have the power of the word, us American Writers, us Journalists, us Reporters, can remind every Tom, every Jim, every Mary, that on September 11, 2001 the Tom’s, Jim’s and Mary’s that died alongside Joe’s and Ann’s, and yes even Maria’s, Juan’s, or Abdul’s did so unknowingly; but died as a symbol of our freedoms. And how about the Rick Rescorla's of their companies. Rescorla was the head of security at Morgan Stanley and managed to get every employee out alive. Unsatisfied with getting his own employees to safety, Rick refused to abandon the tower without first going back for a second look. Rick was not able to get out. Rescorla did not die in Vietnam, but became another unspoken hero of September 11, 2001.

When referring to Sept. 11th, a lot of people make the mistake of also forgetting to acknowledge the bravery with which the passengers of Flight 93 fought against their adversaries. The men and women aboard the United Airlines plane which went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, ARE among those unspoken heroes. Thanks to their valor and sacrifice, many more American lives were spared. After all, it is uncertain where exactly Flight 93 was headed, many believe the capitol building. But the true American heroes of United 93 gave their life for the life of others. Today, the plans to remember our brothers and sisters aboard this treacherous flight are well on the way. Next year we will all be able to render tribute to these heroes by visiting the area where the plane fell where a national historic park is being built.

And we should not forget the first responders to all of the attack sites. The men and women in uniform, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, whom as thousands were fleeing, were running into the face of evil. The people whose job is to save lives while risking their own. Time and time again, I have read stories of survivors cheering the firefighters on as they climbed the stairs inside the World Trade Center, oblivious to the fact that they might perish. But it was their job and they never faltered. In fact, some even captured the scene in photos. It is these still shots that speak for themselves about the bravery of our unspoken heroes of war.  

The victims of 9-11 are among the people we should remember when we sing Francis Scott Key’s lyrics in our national Anthem. And as Lee Greenwood would say “And I wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.” Let us NEVER forget the almost 3 thousand people who died that day. We should not become oblivious to the thousands of American soldiers who followed suit, for our freedom. Today, nine years later, an American writer like myself, has the obligation to remember those who gave their life for my freedom. And remind everyone that our liberties may be at stake, our lives may face adversity, but our pride should never falter.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Need An Article Writer To Satisfy Monster Google's Hunger For Quality Content!

Monster Google loves content, surely you have heard this many times before. And, today will not be the exception, I will reiterate it but I will tell you the reasons for it. Now, there may be many marketers that may disagree with an article writer for hire like me when it comes to SEO techniques. But the truth is that time and time again we see sites with little backlinks ranking far higher in Google than those with hundreds of them. Yet, this is something that those selling back link services will not tell you. And, although Google’s criteria for ranking a site are not set in stone, at least not publicly, most experienced Internet Marketers have been able to determine a few factors, some of which, as an article writer I have put together for you to review, analyze and determine for yourself which are most important.

Google’s Obsession with Content

OK, so we all know that Google has dominated the search engine market for quite some time and their bots have gotten far more advanced today than they were a few years ago. If there is one thing we can not deny is that Google weighs both backlinks and content, YET it is through the CONTENT that Google is going to find you. This is why it is important that this content is of superior quality. Hence, the reason why SEO experts emphasize site content and quality SEO content articles when optimizing sites.

Quality vs Quantity
Google wants to provide their users with optimum information. They nourish themselves with content from their archives and with fresh quality content. Therefore, their search engine crawlers go around like little spiders (and I do not mean those creepy crawlers I dislike, yuck) searching through all the information they come across that matches the search words entered by a particular person. Say the search implies “I need an article writer”, Google will then crawl looking for all site content that has this particular phrase, also known as a long tail keyword, in its content. HOWEVER, if the rest of the information in the site is irrelevant to the phrase, Google will NOT index or bring this site up on its search. And if they do, it will be at the end. This means that if the keyword is in a site related to dog accessories, it is irrelevant and it will not be valuable to Google. Remember, there are millions of websites, both new and old, and Google crawlers have to analyze every single one of them in order to classify them accordingly. This makes it much simpler for them to provide their users with the best information available.

The role of your URL/Link
So, you understand the importance of providing quality content in order for Google to take you into consideration. Now, what role does your URL or link play in all of this? And why is it important for you to build backlinks? Let me try to put it as simple as possible. Take for instance an old file cabinet, or better yet a library. You have tons of information regarding different subjects, each concentrating on a different topic or theme. The library will classify this information according to relevancy, right? RIGHT! You will not find a book on anatomy in the section for botany. Simple as that! The same way you will not find a book on different writing styles in the section for books about humanities, they are not related. Each book then receives some sort of code which helps you locate it within the section. You look for that particular coded section and then look for the title of your book. Ok, so we understand thus far.

When it comes to websites and blogs, each is a book full of information. Google is the library. Your keywords are the codes YOU give your sites, by which Google classifies them within the subject or niche. This means that if you have a site or blog about article writing, you will not end up under car rental companies, because it just isn’t related. Your URL or link is your site’s name, in other words your book’s title. This is the way Google finds the information within your site, assisted by the codes, your keywords.

Why build backlinks then?
Backlinks tend to be a very controversial subject. There are those that only use them just for that, to get a back link to their site because of all the talk about linking to high PR sites in order to have a higher PR, blah, blah, blah (to be discussed later.) Truth is, Page Rank update happens every three months, and in those three months many things can happen. So, if your strategy is based on increasing PR, I am sorry to say you are going about everything the wrong way.

Backlinks, are the links with your site URL you leave at forums, blogs and other relevant sites, which serve as a means for search engines to find you. BUT most importantly, these should help bring people to your site. And how do you do that? By creating a name for yourself with quality content, valuable posts, and informative comments that you leave everywhere you leave your link. When you provide information that people like, they are going to click on your link and visit your site or blog looking for more. In addition, it is that content the one that Google’s search engine bots will crawl and pull up whenever there is a search.

So, what role does PR play in all this?
PR is a ratings system that Google uses to label their sites as authority. Now, the way they determine is a mystery. Particularly, when in a recent internet marketing conference, two Google executives could not even coincide on whether or not the age of a site mattered when determining a site’s PR. This said their criteria for judging and ranking a site probably varies on a number of different issues. Content, is obviously one of the most important factors. Quality content in the form of articles, blog posts or forum comments are all important and have an effect when judging your site. That, combined with the backlinks you create at relevant high PR sites will slowly garner your reputation and establish you as an authority in your niche, your subject, your area, or whatever you wish to call it. You know, like the books in the library. There’s the encyclopedias, the fiction, the non-fiction, and so on. Yeah, well that is sort of the same way the internet works.

As an article writer, it took me quite a while to fully grasp the whole concept behind content writing and why it was so important; especially since writing current events did not entail including keywords in the articles. Furthermore, my knowledge of computer programs, software and the internet, revolved around news websites and newsfeeds. I could not decide why or how a search engine concluded which sites had the information I was looking for. Now, I can assure you that like me, many new marketers overlook many important aspects and often get enthralled in the gist of the link building, without giving much importance to what really matters, the “meat and potatoes” of your site. Your content, as my high school history teacher would say, “skip the skin and bones, give me the meat and potatoes and the information that really matters. Season it well, and then serve it on a silver platter.” Well, that is what I as an article writer for hire will tell you now. Emphasize on increase traffic and providing your site visitors with juicy quality content, lots of meat and lots of potatoes. Then serve it with your link on a silver platter, sites with high PR that are relevant to your site.  And Google will be feeding off your platter! Tah tah!!!

I can help you Feed the monster Google what it craves... Buy a quality content article and stay on top of the game!

BTW, everyone is more than welcome to use any or all of the information found herein as long as the credit is given accordingly with a link to this blog.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How To Write Different Types Of Articles; Tips For SEO Writing And Article Writing From An Article Writer For Hire.

If there is one thing I dislike is being told what to do or how to do things. And I am sure I am not the only one. Yet, when it comes to writing in my blog I usually go with gut feeling, inspiration, and my current mood and so on. But on occasion, I let my inspiration come from the demands of my husband. Now, don’t take me the wrong way, I have said many times he is usually my inspiration, without request (LOL) and he feels flattered when I tell him. However, this time he personally asked me to write about how to write. Ok, do not try to read the sentence over because you read right. Jim asked me to give pointers on how to write a good article. But before I do so, I want to make it clear that although I despise people telling me what to do or how to do it, when it comes from him, exceptions are always made (such is love) and I am not kidding!

One of the first things we have to remember is the different kinds of articles that you may have to write at some point in your career as an Article Writer for Hire or an SEO article writer. There are your blog articles and there are your customer articles. What is the difference? Simple, in your blog articles you are allowed to be you, unless of course you rather be someone else, but that is a whole different scenario (to be discussed in another article). When you write for a client you have to fulfill your client’s needs and expectations, and you as a person disappear. Unless of course, the client is asking for your input and your personal perspective to be included in the article, then you speak your mind (or actually type your mind away). Oh, and we must not forget PLR articles, but that my friends is yet a story all in itself, to be discussed as well in another article. Yes, I am trying to get to the point of this article so just bear with me, the article writer in me just can’t stop once I get started.

Ok… Now that we have established the two different types of articles here is how I usually approach writing them:

Blog Articles:
·    Jot down ideas on a daily basis (even if I do not write an article). This helps you put together thoughts, experiences, and ideas.
·    Whenever I find the need to write, I DO. Remember, the muse isn’t always there but when you feel her coming, don’t deny her access – even in the middle of the night. If you doubt that this is true, ask the best songwriters, they can tell you that they never force a song. They can start by jotting down a line, a phrase, a combination of lines, but they never force the song to come, it just does. And often times the muse comes at bizarre times, like in the bathroom (funny but true) so do not laugh! (Ok… You can laugh, as long as you understand what I am talking about)
·    After you start to write, just continue to do so. NEVER stop to edit. Do that at the end. If you stop to review what you have written (as little as it may be) you may interrupt the flow of ideas and creativity. Believe me, it will be much easier, and faster to edit once you have finished writing the article.
·    Once you start editing watch out for typos, sentence structure, punctuation, and flow of ideas. Now, here is where I often bend the rules a bit. When you are writing a blog post, you do not just want to inform, you want to entertain. This means that if you have to overlook the “incomplete sentence” rule, the statement remark requirements, the apostrophes and combination of words like do not into don’t, the ALL CAPS (no screaming) rule, DO SO; as long as there is a point and a purpose for overlooking these rules.
·    Do not drag your story out, unless of course it is so amusing you simply can’t cut it short. But do keep in mind that when people are trying to do business online, time = money! So get to the point (maybe I should be practicing what I preach right?)

Now, writing for ones own fulfillment and satisfaction is very gratifying and rewarding. Especially because we are writing about things we love and cherish or about experiences that have marked us. Yet, what happens when you have to write about something that you have little or NO knowledge about? Well…Been there, done that… And here is how I did it!

Client articles, SEO content articles, ghostwriting, etc.
·    If you do not receive the information you need to write, THAT is the first thing you should do, RESEARCH.
·    Choose the most important aspects of your research. Classify your information and determine how much information you will need for the particular number of articles your client has requested. Remember, you are an article writer for hire and you must deliver quality work with valid information.
·    Create an outline for each article. Now, I know it sounds weird and elementary, but hey, when you do not know when or how to start, an outline will always be a lifesaver. Within this outline include the particular keywords and key-phrases you will be addressing. For example, if you were hired to write about Dog Nutrition (this is a rather wide and vague topic) then you want to narrow it down as much as possible. One of your articles may focus on, “Choosing the right dog food can help extend the life of your pet”. Are you following me?
·    After creating an outline you can start to write. AGAIN, just let yourself go. Try to follow your outline as closely as possible, but do not edit as you are writing. JUST write. DO NOT stop every so often to check the number of words you have thus far. This will make you lose momentum and YES, creativity. Oh, and do not forget to reference your researched information. You want your article to have as many facts as possible. BUT ensure that you are NOT by any means copying any sentence exactly as you find it. There is a very fine line between paraphrasing and plagiarizing (to be discussed in another article in detail), so be very careful. FACTUAL information will always be similar, but what will differ is the way you present the information; the use of words, the structure of the sentence, the content of the article. Coincidences exist, yet when it comes to writing, for two people to write EXACTLY the same thing, with EXACTLY the same words and EXACTLY the same structure is NOT a coincidence, but a lack of creativity and a violation of ideas under copyright laws.
·    Once you are finished writing, go back and edit your work. Try to follow all of the grammar, punctuation and writing rules, unless of course your client has given you the creative freedom to be yourself.

Now, I have tried to give you an overview of how I approach article writing. You can use these tips to guide you in your writing process or simply view this post as an entertaining (if it was) story on how to write. Whatever was the case, at least I know it served a purpose. Remember, I am not trying to tell you what to do or how to be a good SEO content article writer, that is pretty much up to you!

So, if you will excuse me, now I have to go write another article for one of my most demanding clients, my husband. Until next time…TAH TAH!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Article Writer For Hire And The Never Ending Search For One Specific Key Word; Inspiration!

I have been searching for inspiration for my next post. I looked amongst my latest clients and articles, but I have to say thus far I have had good luck writing SEO content articles for very complacent customers. Now, I tried to find if somewhere or somehow I encountered a situation which has served as a learning experience. And although I often encounter things which leave some sort of mark in my life, NONE has instilled as much knowledge, as much patience, and as much laughter in me than one client; a very demanding, strict, unrelenting, critical, funny, BUT brilliant customer, my husband.

Sure, you are probably wondering what does my husband have to do with article writing or how can an article writer for hire find inspiration in her husband, when in fact, he has nothing to do with any of the articles that I write. But, you thought wrong. It was my husband who initially taught me about SEO article writing. You see, my husband is an internet marketer. One day as he was working on his website’s SEO he gave me a list of words, which I had seen a few times while proofreading his site’s content. This list of words had his keywords, and he wanted me to write an article using those keywords. Now, let me briefly explain that I already understood the need of leaving certain words as is, but seeing the list of variations of the keywords had me perplexed. I had NO idea what I was going to write about. Chucks, not even the “Witch of the Press” from my college print class was as vague giving an assignment. I was in for my first challenge. How was I supposed to write about something I have no clue about, write a certain number of words and make it sound right…I thought; he has to be kidding? But, he was not joking and that was the worst part. That my friends, was the simplest and most difficult learning experience I have probably ever come across in SEO article writing hence initiating my venture as a Content Article Writer.

You see, my husband is a perfectionist, and in my years as a Journalist he and my mom, were always my biggest critics. You’d figure the two most important people in my life would be the ones who were the proudest and the most supportive, they WERE, just in a very crude and honest way. Whether I was working at a radio station, Reporting live news on TV or writing any of my collaborating stories, they scrutinized every single aspect of my reporting. That I said this wrong, that the intonation here was bad, the use of a certain word was erroneous, that I made too many faces, that my voice was cracking, and on and on. Anyone else would have probably felt disappointed or even offended, but not me. Not this article writer, I mean Reporter; I mean Journalist turned Article writer, oh well something along those lines. Yeah, I had to tough it up, grow the thick skin and face my mistakes with courage and intelligence. After all, I had chosen a very competitive career where only the very best survive; well actually sometimes (but that is YET another article.) And so the lessons with my husband are difficult, maybe not as harsh as my class with the Witch of the Press (yes she left a profound mark in me,) but a tough lesson nonetheless.

Well, you are probably thinking why in the world is my husband my hardest client? Well, I still write SOME of his articles, and boy is he picky. To top it off he never pays on time, LOL (he actually has lifetime credit.) Anyway, going back to my sweetheart’s demands, I guess he has to be finicky; it is for the benefit of his business and in the end for the better of our family. The funny thing is that the he, the person who introduced me to article writing, is the only one that continues to push me the extra mile. I get frustrated sure, but he believes so blindly in my talents as a Content Article Writer, that I strive to impress him with all my articles, with the ones I write for clients and the ones I write for him. And he WILL honestly tell me if the article stinks. Even if showing him I can write about plumbing entails that he imparts on me the decision of choosing our new plumber, (although I can happily say that has yet to happen) LOL. All joking aside, my husband is a demanding customer, but also my biggest influence and inspiration when it comes to writing articles (also my biggest critic). After all, he got me into it, I have just perfected it. Tah, Tah!!! (Honey please do not edit this last part out!!!)
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